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Music uploaded to AP

2010-01-20 18:35:12 by Hend

Just posted my first song to the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Well, I shouldn't say 'first', I've written well over a hundred songs, and this is the first song from my 5th album that will be finished later this year. Woot!


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2010-01-20 18:46:16

It'll be in the portal by next week (provided you actually made it. If you didn't, you'll be banned from the AP), so don't whine if you don't see it by tomorrow or friday.


2010-01-20 19:27:30

Actually it can take up to three weeks normally, so don´t whine if you don´t see it by next week or the week after that. Also you´ll get a notification when it has been reviewed (I think), so if you wait your three weeks but get no response at all (and notice that it is not in the portal nor that you are banned) then you can PM an audio mod (listed in faq linked above games and movies above your page) and kindly ask him/her about your submission.

Hend responds:

Thanks for the feedback - I'll keep it in mind. It's surprising then that it says it's a 'fairly quick' process. No whining here, just active waiting! :)