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Seventh album, Dreamt, is up

2012-11-19 20:42:27 by Hend

Just a quick blurb that it can be downloaded for free from my Bandcamp page ( You can simply hit Buy and type in $0.00 to get the download link. In the meantime, I'm still testing the waters with a content host (considering Megaupload is where everything was held before...) for a more reliable and less hoop-ridden download method. I'm also looking into hosting it as a torrent!

If you're on Facebook, you can keep up with me and new developments at All feedback is welcome, and I'm never too closed-minded for future collaborations!

New album!

2011-11-12 13:29:41 by Hend

My 6th album, Nightfall, is live. Stream it or download it at !

If you'd prefer a smaller MP3 download, you can get that from

Once you've had a listen, if you like it, "like" Hend on Facebook at I'll be doing some daily trivia with tidbits about the recording process, little tidbits about songs, and anything else I can think of!

I'll also have the music out on Grooveshark and for those who use those services.

New album!

New album has been released!

2010-04-30 11:32:53 by Hend

You can find the links on my Myspace, Or follow the megaupload link below for the full album download:

I'm in the process of getting everything uploaded to and Grooveshark, among a couple other lesser known sites. All 100% free and legal to share with anyone and everyone you know, as long as credit is given to me.

Let me know what you think - I believe the album has turned out fantastic and is certainly my best to date.

New album has been released!

Finally approved!

2010-02-19 09:38:29 by Hend

After nearly a month, my audio submission, 'From The Womb', has been accepted into the audio portal. Woot!

Still nothing

2010-01-26 13:57:13 by Hend

Nearly a week later and still no approval. I see why I've never used the AP before - it's a pain!

Music uploaded to AP

2010-01-20 18:35:12 by Hend

Just posted my first song to the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Well, I shouldn't say 'first', I've written well over a hundred songs, and this is the first song from my 5th album that will be finished later this year. Woot!